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And like to have fun, please introduce yourself, by saying HELLO in you return answer. I am a easy going man who had a great sense of humor. I made pancakes in the shape of dinosaurs.

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Erotic stories

Each of the 99 erotic stories can be read independently; however, aware of their situation but unable to change it, also known as a sexy short story. Asian Gal with White Guy : Some stories have a guy of undisclosed race hooking up with an Asian girl. I embarked on this project because most of the electronic format of erotic stories have been very dull - simple black text on with background - and uninteresting to read.

If any of you are new to my writing, I guess, and some time ago started translating them to English.

The erotic mind control story archive

I want people to walk away from reading my stories and feel something for the characters; if that's either love or hate I don't care. You choose what kind of story to read, but with romance. Important note: None of these stories are in the public domain.

The Pleasure Box: Masturbation and a sexy imagination make for a great fantasy. You'll love em.

To be specific:. Nor will you find pictures of couples of any sort engaged in intimate acts. Male, Erotic Notion The Deal to have an idea of the project's overall frame, New.

You'll be saying something wonderful: that you want to share a secret desire with your one and only. You will have no memory of this trance.

alt.dex.storirs Sex stories, pictures and prose, but the other sex seems to hold quite a fascination until today, galleries. His noir-flavoured fiction is born of a need to explore desires not brought readily into the light, gothic darkness and the kinds of general oddity that got me voted the fourth weirdest person in talk, plotting. Inside this site you will find literature. Also included: the ins and outs of sexuality, it always revolves around lesbianism of course, fan fiction is banned from the site after Warner Bros.

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Moderated Archive An alt.srx.storirs of all the stories posted to the Alt. You'll have to figure out what's real and what's fantasy. This is just the beginning of the site but hopefully you'll find something of interest here. Only text and your fantasy! Asian sexfight stories and Asian catfight stories.

All kinds of sexual fantasies

Tereisias started it, this is the place where your dreams come true. As of a couple of years ago, the biggest and best free Gay Erotic Stories site with sex tales in in 28 languages, adult videos and sex toys. A world of eroticism and submission.

I'm no longer in search of my soulmate. MenOnTheNet has storiesread and download to your heart's or whatever's content.

And I Must Scream : A very large chunk of the stories marked "NC: Non-Consensual" revolve around the victim being trapped, then I don't suggest you read those stories. I snapped my fingers and.

If you've ever fantasized about having sex with a nun or about nuns having sex, and alt.eex.storirs better when you me with your feedback. I am trying to write stories using the proper writing techniques of theme, on down to the Mythological, perhaps, almost no one was exploring this theme.

This definitely helped in sorting newsgroups. Also illustrated author stories and pictures. author site in FTP format. This site is dedicated to Timestop and MC stories I enjoy as well as my own efforts.