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Cute names to call your girl best friend I Wants Sexy Chat

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Cute names to call your girl best friend

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Precious - A person so valuable that you never want them to leave.

50 cute names to call your female bestie

After yours, you get to be Romeo. Pudding - Adorable and best. Boo cjte A new call that is adoring?

Mars For the bestie who is so cute that it feels like they belong to another planet. Squirt - Meant for the girl that is much smaller than you. Giggles: all they do is laugh Dimples - Because she has irresistible dimples in her cheeks.

Nicknames based on personality traits

Cutie patootie - For that friend who's just so cute, but she's heavenly as can be. Passion - She brings passion into your life. Gillette - When a woman is the girl a man can get, calling her Gillette will be a cute way tk remind her. Sweet Thang - The name for the woman that is sexy. This name just looooves their greasy burger and fries.

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Puffy For the adorable bestie who puffs up like a pufferfish at the slightest annoyance. Sweetheart - Your girl has a sweet heart, so remind her hour it often. Engine For the bestie who le the way and gives direction to every fun activity. Fruit Loop - Because she is just adorable and silly.

Nicknames for bestie: 50 great names to call your female best friend

China Doll - Beautiful yet fragile, in real she is just a playing kid inside. Yummy For that best friend who cooks tasty frined for you and never lets bezt go hungry. Greasy: all they eat are burgers calp fries Candy: sweet like candy canes 9. Mini Me - For a cute girl who is always sweet and kind.

Sherlock: the one who thinks he knows everything Peanut - For a woman you can not get enough of. Bruh: brothers for life Frifnd - By nature she is very soft in her voice and actions.

50 fun and relevant nicknames for your bestie

Love Pie For the one who never leaves you alone and always has your back. Firecracker - Filled with passion and excitement.

Sneezy For the bestie who always seems to be catching a cold. Chica - For your friend who loves Latino. Better Half - This is a nickname that is common. We all have a sweet friend who needs to always be protected. Madam Curie - For that genius-level smart friend who destroys any idea that women can't be intelligent too.

Nicknames for girl best friends:

Most good nicknames that stick with people are short and snappy. Lovebird - Delicate like your love and cute as a bird?

Of course, don't get on her friend side cause she can kick some fiend ass. Perfect - She is perfection. Black Widow - Gorgeous but deadly, smart and charming inside out! Internet Savvy - If she knows more about the internet other than Facebook, are pretty embarrassing.